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Over the years, A-Tech has been contracted to perform various projects. Initially, A-Tech was contracted to provide a solution to the steel mill for modifying throttle cylinders to handle the harsh environment. At first, the cylinders were failing about every 7 days. After evaluating the system and the symptoms, the seal design and composition was changed. These changes resulted in the same cylinders lasting up to a year before requiring replacement. This saved the company over $70,000 for the first year.

Other projects

  • Upgrading hydraulic system for self unloading cement carrier

  • Design and installation of lube system on 3 cargo unloading systems

  • Installation and maintenance of lube system on steel mill machinery

  • Retrofit hydraulic system on water tight doors for U.S. Navy

  • Design and installation of hydraulic actuator for water tight emergency escape hatches for Military Sealift command.



A-Tech has performed repairs on lock cylinders with an 18” bore and 22-foot stroke. From very simple single acting cylinders to the most elaborate high frequency electronic positioning cylinders, A-Tech can handle all of them.


On-Site Service: On-Site hydraulic services are our specialty. With over 60 years combined experience in On-Ste, troubleshooting, repairs and installation, A-Tech is Maryland’s leading On-Site service hydraulic company. We are fully insured and have access to all ports and marine terminals across the USA. If you require hydraulic service at your location or any location in the world, A-Tech will be available.
Machine Shop & Welding Service: A-Tech offers a fully equipped machine shop geared for hydraulic work as well as a complete welding shop to handle special fabrication needs.